Marie Sharp's: Fresh, Hot & Tasty

Marie Sharp’s is made from the finest habanero peppers grown in Belize, crushed down to make the base for each hot sauce. This is evident when tasting one of the sauces as the texture is thick, with chunks of habanero, creating an explosion of flavor in every bite. There are five different heat levels: Original, Hot, Fiery Hot, Green Habanero and Beware.  Whether you are crazy about eating the hottest foods or someone that only likes a little heat, Marie Sharp’s has a sauce for everyone to try.


The Face Behind the Name

Marie Sharp is in fact a real person and not just another invented product name. She has been making hot sauces for over 32 years in Dangriga, Belize. From starting in her own kitchen to running a factory and farm, Marie Sharp has become known world wide. Learn More.